Rampaging Through Cyberpunk 2077

One of my favorite things to do in an open world game is to go crazy. By crazy, I mean leaving a path of wanton destruction behind. When the monotony of doing missions or side jobs gets boring, it’s often fun to just go around attacking everyone. In Cyberpunk, if you go around acting the fool and smacking people, the cops will show up to put an end to this.

Here’s video where I go on a rampage through the apartment complex where V lives.

V attacks everything!

It’s tough to survive max stars, but if you use knock downs it make things a lot easier. Even those teleporting cops that come after you get knocked down quite easily. Good luck and happy hunting!

By Jerry Rattanong

On the last very second of December 31, 1999, one man felt a transformation that erupted in his very soul. And in that second, he changed from a mere thug to the something greater than all his accomplishments combined, and thus a new era of his life began, and the world plunged into everlasting darkness.....

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