An Ordinary Day

Today was just an ordinary day. Most of us have these from time to time. I look at an ordinary day as something to be cherished. There are no real trials or tribulations. There’s nothing there to intimate and challenge us. Instead, these days are just boring and mundane. I like days like these. Who wants to be bored? I like to be bored. Bored means safe. I didn’t get in an accident or mugged. Bored means I didn’t hear of someone I know having issues with life.

There are some that will say that these ordinary days are for the weak. They would say that it’s for the sheeple who wander around aimlessly but predictably. Well, I do like to wander around aimlessly but predictably, I end up back home. Safe and sound and ready to do it all over again. I’ve done it before and chances are you’ve done it too.

Because the days are so ordinary, nothing noteworthy happens. You’ll forget that these days are similar to the dreams that you have. You awaken to remember some fantastical journey. You were there, when things made sense. All actions are logical. Being awake, the details are 90% gone. If you get up to silence your alarm and head over to the bathroom to get ready, you have already forgotten everything. Lay back and recall some details and you’ll have part of the dream remembered… but only for the rest of the day. Write down your dream and you’ll have a record that will reinforce that movie in your head.

Ordinary days are easily forgotten. I’ve gone through many. I’m 36 and it seems that I am moving too fast. Fact. I am moving to fast. I know my mortality. Next, I’ll be 90 years old and wondering where the time has gone. The time has gone into each ordinary day! Take my hand and live while you can. Lets go on a mundane journey!

It’s Friday Feb 26, 2021. Wake up at 7:00 am. Since I work a 4-10 hour shift per week, it’s a day off. I get my son ready for school. He does 2 days a week for in person learning and 3 days a week for distance learning. It some effort to wake him. So, I start by opening the blinds. Dim blue light filter in and changes the brightness around the room. A little bit of light helps him up. Teeth brushed, hair fixed, eye boogers removed, and piss taken. He gets dressed and head down for some waffles. Mom is already there, working on a computer and producing some GDP. She greets him. 7:30 comes fast and he only gets 2 or 3 bites of toasted Eggo waffle.

I take him into the car. It’s your ordinary 4 door sedan, or is it? It’s a 2005 Acura TL with 250k+ miles on it. Mighty fine ordinary you say. Then I say that it’s a 6 speed manual. That is not so ordinary these days. Anyway, the school is only 2 mins away. I drop him off as he’s greeted by staff that asks if I have submitted his daily Covid symptom questionnaire. I reply “yes.”

When I get home, the Mrs. remind me about some clothes that my son never wore before and can’t possibly fit any more. These range from shirt and pants of sizes 12 M to 3 T. I have just the person in mind, so I text message him. He’s a good friend from back when highschool was a thing. Him and his Mrs. happen to have a boy on the way soon and agree to take the items. So, I package the items. I wrapped the clothes around in bubble wrap and chucked them in a left over Revzilla box. I logged on to, entered the box’s dimensions, weigh the package on my scale. It comes out to about 3 lbs. I enter the parameters into system and I even hunted down a coupon code to save a bit of scratch. The label gets printed after I pay and it’s affixed to the box by clear Duck brand tape. I’m about ready to leave.

So now it’s time to do some errands. I have redeemed some rewards cash from Sam’s Club. My Sam’s Mastercard gets cash back accrued during the previous year and it gets issued in February. I figure that I deposit it into the local bank. Also, I might as well hit the gym, but first I’ll drop off that box at the UPS store. I say bye to the Mrs. and I’m out the door.

I get to the shopping center and try to get a good parking spot next to the gym. No go. Seems like everyone is here around 10 am or so. I thought that America is too obese and too lazy to want to work out and improve. After finding a spot that is “far” (30 sec walk) to the UPS store, I head in with the package. It was a quick transaction. Dropped the box on the counter and get a receipt. Now I head to the nearest gym.

I’m a “member” of Planet Fitness. I never really understood why I’m a member. Who are they fooling? I’m just a customer. It’s also not a “club.” There’s nothing exclusive about this club. All are welcomed as long as you pay. Anyway, I head in and immediately have to take a leak. Somehow, I always have to do that. After my business, I head to the free weight area. Luckily, there’s a bench. I grab the heaviest set of dumbbells that Planet Fitness has (60 LBS). After spraying down the bench, I start the routine and I go for about 45-55 mins:

  • 3 sets of 8 reps bench press with 60 lbs dumbbells.
  • 3 sets of 8 reps military press seated with 40 lbs dumbbells.
  • 3 sets of 16 reps total bicep curls 22.5 with lbs dumbbells.
  • 3 sets pf 8 reps lateral rises with 10 lbs dumbbells.
  • 3 set of 8 reps rope pull downs at 42.5 lbs

After the gym session. I head home. I have some Lao jerky and sticky rice for lunch that was dehydrated the day before.

It turned out great. We had just received the Nutrichef model NCDH4S dehydrator the night before and the Mrs. worked that magic and…. there we go.

After eating till I’m not hungry but still not full, I’m tasked of returning some sandals to the local Sam’s club. The size was 12 M and it seems to be too perfect for our son. Which means, it only will be good for a season. Trading up a size to boys 1 will last a bit longer. Also, I my son have been talking about Harry Potter too much. He seems to know quite a bit about that universe from YouTube memes, so I figure I pick a copy of the 8 movies on Blue-ray (only 2 in stock). I decided on taking the 2018 Susuki GSXS 750 motorcycle. It seems like a nice enough day with temps in the 50s.

I get to Sam’s club and make the “exchange.” By “exchange”, I mean refund and purchase of the same sandals of a different size.

I head over to BestBuy and locate the 8 disc Blue-ray set.

$49.99 sound decent, right? Well, I check out Amazon and it’s $42.49.

I get to the checkout and ask “who do I talk to’ about a price match.” The young gentlemen informed me that it was indeed him that is the correct person but manager will need to approve. He also advised that price match from amazon must be sold by and shipped by Amazon. Turns out it was and so I get the price match. The manager comes over and reviews the listing on my phone and approves. Happily, I swipe the card and I leave.

I arrive home to chill out for about 20 mins. It’s about 2:30 pm and I head out to pick out my son from school. I arrive in the parking queue that wraps around the side of the building. There were about 8-15 cars ahead, some idling and some not. After waiting about 10 minutes, the cars are moving and kids are being transported. The staff member recognizes me as she waves. Secret code words were exchanged over radio and moments later my son comes out. He gets in and I help with his seat belt.

We get home and a surprise was unleashed on him. Harry Potter.

Ecstatic, he jumps with joy. PS3 disc was ejected (Saga Frontier 2 was removed), Mrs. is done with work and time for her to head to the gym. Kisses and hugs abound to the little boy and it’s daddy and boy left over to watch a movie. Which movie? The 4th one, chosen at random by him. He who never watch one of those movies and me who was in the same boat. But somehow, I’m able to enjoy chronological movies out of order (maybe because I can live life not too serious).

Later, after the movie, a decent pizza was baked in the oven. Frozen pizza is pretty basic. Maybe it just ordinary. So ordinary that I had 2 slices.

After that. It’s just an end to an ordinary day. Minecraft for the boy, and then a bath. Then me and the Mrs. Relaxing after showers. And end to the ordinary day. Ordinary days go by too fast. Can you remember your last ordinary day? Will you remember this day? What did you do? You’ll probably forget this day. Remember your ordinary day. Take my hand and live while you can. Your dreams lie in the palm in your hand.

PS. What kind of soy boy would just lay there like that. WTF? All those hippies must be dead as they have no fear while they were looking to an eclipse!

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